Sunday, September 18, 2016

How to Plant a Carpet Seed Aquascape

The plant commonly called mini dwarf plants magically easy to grow and easy maintenance, this plant is a plant that is perfect for beginners in the field of the aquascape.

And this time I will share how to plant seed seeding mini dwarf, seeds of this plant can be easily in the online store with a price range Rp. 50,000 to size bottle 15 ml as shown below

mini dwarf aquascape

Yep just a magic seed seeding we start mini dwarf it, the first step to prepare the tools and materials used to be:
  1. Mini dwarf beans bottle.
  2. Aquarium tanks along with lights and filters.
  3. The planting medium soil, fertilizer basics is not mandatory.
  4. Spray Birds.
  5. Plastic bag.
  6. Rubber Bracelet.
  7. Toothpick.
Complete tools and materials after we entered the stage of completion of the media plants, planting medium I use soil and bricks were already on the mash up into small fractions not until smooth, the first layer of mix soil and fertilizer I love the brick base.

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Thickness of planting medium I was 2 cm and then I found the water about 1-1.5 cm, standing water should not be up to the media surface cropping, planting media inundate purpose only of creating a humid conditions against the media if the media inundate the planting, planting until the surface planting media feared will cause seed rot.

Then take mini dwarf seeds open lid rubber, and replace with plastic cap use plastic bag last and tie a plastic bag with the bottle using a rubber band belt firmly, then we are punching holes in plastic using a toothpick as much as three holes.

Such a way of showing sprinkling pepper powder, shake the bottle mini dwarf seed planting media above, spread seeds to evenly, if the scattering is considered already evenly prepare bird and sprays the contents with water, turn the spray tip settings to the settings that the softest water output, then spray mini dwarf seeds already in the sow, note: spraying aimed just moisten the seeds, do not get water to inundate the seeds.

Then do shines with lights for 6-8 hours/day, and do the spraying every morning and afternoon for 7 days, after 3 days usually start there are signs of life and age 7 days we can already
the flood with water full, then the love liquid fertilizer on the first day
flood the aquarium, do the full 50% of the water in the drain the day to 2, 4, 6 and 8after the
flood the full.

The following display tanks belonging to me, sorry not day 1 had photographed the:)

3 days already start growing

7 days and water content are already in full

14 days and ready for the love of fish:)

And the last stage is a treatment plant to keep it green, leafy and lovely life in the perspective of the read Carpet Treatment Seed Mini Dwarf Aquascape


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